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Sunday, August 17, 2014

What Do Employees Experience When They Walk In The Door?

Call it corporate culture or workplace environment, it all distills down to what do employees experience when they arrive at work? Are they excited to be there or do they wish they had hit the snooze button one more time? It often depends upon whether their work environment embraces engagement and productivity or discourages it.

The concept of "situational performance" comes into play here. Picture the world renown opera singer Sarah Brightman entertaining audiences at Carnegie Hall in NYC where she has all the support necessary to deliver a brilliant performance. In another scenario, imagine her performing on the tarmac at the nearby Newark Liberty International Airport at rush hour. Ms. Brightman can sustain her brilliance at Carnegie Hall throughout the entire performance. How long she lasts at Newark is questionable!

Employees looking to accelerate advancement of their careers will inevitably want to seek out companies who offer a supportive work environment which lets them demonstrate their best performance on a daily basis. Questions about the type of workplace environment a company offers are seeping into job interviews and are given serious consideration by serious candidates.

Business leaders struggling to carve out a competitive edge will want to look at the type of environment they have created either by design or default for their employees. The discretionary productivity of an organization's workforce often drives the distinction between success and failure in the marketplace.

There is every reason for management and workers to come together on this issue as it is commonly accepted that supportive workplace environments produce the most productive workers. This is good for workers, management, and shareholders alike!

Your thoughts on this current and important topic are welcome!

Fred Stawitz

Coauthor of Don't Run Naked Through The Office

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